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The COCOCA cooperative's coffee brand is "HORAMAMA COFFEE"The COCOCA cooperative's coffee brand is "HORAMAMA COFFEE"HORAMAMA: has a broad meaning, the main here is "Courage!". The other meanings are "Strength! "Let us advance! "Perseverance," "Continue!"The word HORAMAMA is much more traditional and original, used, in the form of repetitive song, by Burundian women to give courage on the way or to work, sometimes long. Thus, they forgot completely their fatigue. Thus, in the history of Burundi, Women is the pillar of the household through its indefatigable character. And the Burundian woman is automatically recognized with her child on her back.The symbolizes or logo of the brand of sale of the cafes of the cooperatives COCOCA:

The producer of HORAMAMA COFFEE is COCOCA.The producer of HORAMAMA COFFEE is COCOCA.From COCOCA one directly implies cooperatives members in with their symbol of hand in hand, together, the union makes the force which returns to the meaning of the mark. Courage! Strength !